Are you curious about a career in data science? Are you looking to join a company that has a focus on machine learning and uses technology to help save lives? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m sure you’ve seen that there are plenty of data science job openings, yet it can seem impossible to land a job in the field, especially for those early in their career. Here I will give you some tips on how to get in the game with a focus on the machine learning branch of data science.

The Problems With Today’s Job Market

Airspace is a logistics company that delivers shipments faster than humanly possible with the help of our cutting-edge technology. This ecosystem of software supports our customers and our operations team from the point of order creation and quoting, all the way through final delivery. Because logistics never sleeps, our amazing operations team is available around the clock to assist our customers and Airspace Commanders.

One of the many time-critical things we deliver is human organs, so one service failure is too many. …

I often struggle explaining to other adults what it is exactly what I do for a living. How do I explain it to a bunch of four-year-olds?

I am a data scientist at Airspace Technologies. I love my job immensely. It is fun, interesting, exciting and there is always something to keep me challenged. But when I am asked exactly what I do, I have not found a quick and easy response. I work on a lot of things, ranging from data engineering and building data pipelines to statistical analysis and machine learning. …

Ksenia Palke

AI manager at Airspace Technologies and a mother of two.

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